Internship - Game Engineering

At Wooga

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Technical Skills

Unity3D, C#, Xamarin, SourceTree, git, scrum


6 months during 2013-2014 I did an internship at Wooga in Berlin, Germany. Wooga is a social and mobile gaming company, founded in 2009 with games like Jelly Splash, Diamond Dash and Pearl's Peril.

I was working as a frontend engineer intern with Unity3d and C#, and was fully integrated in the game teams that I was with. During the first 1,5 months I was in a team with four other people, where one other person plus me was the frontend engineers. The game was a mobile multiplayer racing game prototype. I was working with game logic, GUI and some networking together with the other frontend engineer pair-programming as well as working alone. However, the project was stopped and therefore I started in a new team.

My second team consisted of me, one other frontend engineer and a game designer. We prototyped a mobile puzzle game, and also here we both pair-programmed and worked individually in Unity3D and C#. We developed the game from scratch and I was involved in all parts, such as game logic, GUI and meta game. The last month of the internship I was the only frontend engineer in the team and fully responsible for its progress and implementation of new features.

During the internship I acquired deeper knowledge about Unity3D and C#, as well as plugins to Unity like Daikon Forge which is a tool to create GUI. I learned new design patters, and I worked with a Entity-Component based system design. I also worked somewhat with test driven development while developing the game logic for the puzzle game. And gained some knowledge about networking while working with the multiplayer racing game.