Two player iPad game. Report available here.

Technical Skills

Xcode, cocos2D, Objective-C, git


Nissmania is a two player iPad game that was developed by me and two other students during 3 weeks (half time) in the course Mobile Computing at Chalmers University of Technology. It was developed with Objective-C in Xcode with the framework Cocos2D. The focus of the game was to learn Objective-C since all three of us were new this programming language. There was also a focus to make a game that would make people interact with each other more, which is why it was made as a two player game. Consequently, there was not much focus on the design in the sense of making the game look good. However, there was some Interaction Design focus in making the player understand what is happening in the game. All three of us in the group took about equally responsibility, which means we all implemented and made some design both by ourselves and together.

The goal of the game is to destroy the opponents base which is done by creating gnomes by tapping on your side screen. The gnomes will automatically walk towards the opponents side and if they reach the base they will start hitting on it. The gnomes can be stopped by the opponents gnomes if they walk into each other. Two types of gnomes can be used; the common cheaper gnome or the bigger one riding a reindeer. The gnomes cost money and how much each player have is shown by the polka bar. Players can create one gnome with the tap of a finger, and several ones if they draw a line.

Some of the Interaction Design focus we had and also had time to implement during the time scope of the project lie within getting the player to understand what is happening in the game. For example the greyed out gnomes that can be seen in one of the pictures to right are shown when the player is dragging a line to create gnomes but has not yet released the finger. This was implemented so the player would know how many gnomes he/she was about to create. Furthermore, the gnome with a red cross over are shown when the player is trying to create a gnome but can not afford it, so that the user would understand why no gnome was created. This was good since Nissmania tend to be a quite heated game and therefore to avoid frustration from the players, it was good that they knew fast why no gnomes came to their aid.