Physics - Destructible Walls

Destroys a wall in its mesh triangles. Made as a part of a game engine. A demo is available here.

Technical Skills

Unity3D, C#, git


As a part of a game engine we made in a group of six people during seven weeks (half time) in the course Simulation Engines at Chalmers University of Technology, I made the physics parts which handled the destruction of walls. Other parts included in this projects was Software Engineering, AI, Graphics etc. The demo link goes to the demo of the whole game / game engine where my part can be seen by rolling the ball with the arrow keys into a wall, it will then be destroyed (usually it is only possible to destroy a wall when a power up has been found).

Since the project was made in Unity a lot of physics is already handled but not the possibility to destroy objects. It is possible to build up walls by many smaller cubes and let them be affected by physics when something hits them, but I did not want to do it that way but instead let the walls fall apart in more realistic parts. During the time scope of this project this was not fully realised as the parts are not yet very realistic, however more realistic than just cubes falling apart. It was my focus to in some way get the wall to be destroyed depending on its meshes, this was done by subdividing the meshes when the ball hit the wall and then let it fall apart in these pieces. This can be seen in the pictures to the right. The difficult part was getting all the new meshes with vertices and everything correct.

In the project I have also been involved in doing some smaller parts like the menu and power ups.