Project Lykta

Real time projection mapping.

Website - Video Demo - Report

Technical Skills

Unity3D, C#


Project Lykta is a realtime projection mapping project that started out as a seven week (half time) project course and it was later continued in another seven week (half time) project course as well as we have been working on it in our spare time. We were four students as a total in the project, however only three of us worked with technical parts of Lykta while the fourth member had a web and PR part. Before Lykta I had never worked with Unity3D before, so this was the project where I learned it and worked a lot with it. To learn more about Lykta and what it is, please visit the website provided above.

In the first version of Lykta we used a Wii-mote hanging in the ceiling to track the user's position, by having IR leds on the handheld device. Here I was involved in making the Wii-mote work together with Unity by the help of a plugin. To keep track of the users tilting and rotation of the device we used a smartphone's gyro and accelerometer data. The phone was attached inside the handheld device. Here I was also a bit involved in coding scripts to use the phones data, to make the picture on the wall look good. I was also involved in doing the GUI parts that we needed to make settings when the handheld device was in use.

Later Lykta was developed to instead use a PS Move Wand to keep track of position and rotation, the smartphone is still in use but only to take care of the 3D world that is shown by the projector. More about how it works today can be read about on the webpage! I was involed in this but one person in our team has kept on working with Lykta which means it is further developed with things I have not been involved in.

We have also used the Lykta technique to develop a game during NGJ 2013!